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President Knapp, Board of Trustees Chairman Nelson Carbonell Jr, BS ’85, and the Honorable B.J. Penn, MS ’80, the inaugural chair of the Making History campaign, participated in a “coining ceremony” with newly minted GW challenge coins at the official launch of Making History: The Campaign for GW on June 20.

In honor of the university’s namesake and in keeping with longstanding military tradition, the GW challenge coin symbolizes George Washington’s historic vision for a university in the nation’s capital that would serve as America’s intellectual hub and produce citizen leaders.

The GW challenge coin

The GW challenge coin

The GW challenge coin, a side profile of Washington in bronze relief, is based on the Washington Before Boston medal, commissioned by the U.S. Congress to commemorate the British evacuation of Boston in March 1776—one of Washington’s earliest victories in the American Revolution. The back of the coin is framed in university blue and anchored by a relief of Mount Vernon.

Given in the spirit of respect, the GW challenge coin is meant to instill pride in those who carry it; pride not only for George Washington’s historic vision for the George Washington University, but also for the continuing growth and contributions of the university and those in the GW community who will also be making history. It is a challenge to those who hold it to carry out the mission of the Making History campaign.

Chairman Carbonell echoed the challenge of the coin with a charge to alumni and donors to remember the founding father’s vision and tasked the attendees to go forth and make history for GW.

“GW has made tremendous progress, and there is more to do,” Chairman Carbonell said. “The campaign will build on our strengths and capitalize on unique opportunities. The Making History campaign will lead to incredible changes for every facet of GW.”

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