A Global Education, GW-Style

Students at GW have access to a breadth of opportunities that prepare them to become future global citizens and leaders—academic programs, internships, and study abroad experiences that provide a global education and promote the development of intercultural competence.

Michel Richaud, GWSB ’15, came to GW to pursue a career in sports management and has already taken full advantage of several “only at GW” opportunities. Last February, he travelled to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi as part of a special Olympic program run by Associate Professor of Tourism and Sport Management Lisa Delpy-Neirotti.

(L to R) Slim Scholars Brenda Estefania Ortiz Calva, Javier Arreola Rosales, Michel Richaud, Paola González-Rubio, and Benjamin Heras Cruz with GW President Steven Knapp

(L to R) Slim Scholars Brenda Estefania Ortiz Calva, Javier Arreola Rosales, Michel Richaud, Paola González-Rubio, and Benjamin Heras Cruz with GW President Steven Knapp

“I sort of knew how competitive the sports industry was, but had never seen it firsthand before,” said Michel on his trip to Russia. “I’m not planning to back away from it. Instead, I’m preparing myself to the best of my abilities to have an edge over the competition and have a higher probability of landing a great internship and a great job afterwards.”

That “only at GW” experience wouldn’t have been possible for Michel if it weren’t for the Carlos Slim Scholars Program, a GW global initiative that brought him to Foggy Bottom in 2013.

The program, funded by the Carlos Slim Family Foundation, awards merit-based tuition scholarships to top Mexican graduate students enrolled in two-year master’s degree programs in engineering, business, and international affairs. Slim Scholars grow personally and professionally through academics, community involvement, and leadership, and are provided opportunities to visit with global and business leaders around the United States.

“The goal of this special partnership is to inform and empower future leaders of Mexico to bring about positive, lasting change in the areas of technology, public policy, and entrepreneurship that affect the quality of life for all citizens,” says Associate Provost for International Programs Donna Scarboro. “These students simply took Washington, DC, by storm with their good ideas and their energetic work.”

In addition to their studies, Slim Scholars are able to take advantage of the “only at GW” opportunities that define an education in Foggy Bottom, including unique internships, special access to policymakers, and student leadership opportunities. All Slim Scholars become actively involved on the GW campus—Michel Richaud was elected as both a cohort representative and as vice president of social media and communications for his MBA class in the School of Business.

Upon graduation, GW students enter into an increasingly interconnected world, and Dr. Scarboro believes opportunities like the Carlos Slim Scholars program help to build a powerful—and crucial—understanding of global affairs.

“To prepare young people to thrive and contribute in a global and changing world is our challenge, and GW is able to step up to this challenge as no other institution can do,” she said. “For this reason, it is imperative that we find all possible means to include and engage students from around the world. Offering a global education benefits our educational mission and increases the success of individuals, with an ultimate aim of improving conditions for all people and all societies.”


Learn more about the Slim Scholars and their program, or discover how you can support GW students through scholarships, internship opportunities, and innovative programming that provide “only at GW” experiences by visiting campaign.gwu.edu today.

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