Juan Mejia, GSPM ’17

“As a new generation of Latin American political consultants, we can demonstrate how to conduct research, interpret public opinion, lobby, implement public policy, organize, and communicate with people in creative, professional, and innovative ways,” he says.

Juan’s dream is within reach—the Larry Lane Scholarship provided him with the necessary funding to take a semester of classes required for international students.

“During that semester I was able to learn about tactical grassroots techniques, analyze political data, and understand how to organize people in the field,” he says. “I took an entire class on digital strategy and new trends to organize people with different digital platforms.”

Juan has also used D.C. as an extended classroom: “This stimulating city brings together all the intellectual and political figures every day,” he says. “Only in Washington, D.C., am I able to interact with [former presidents], senators, political consultants, lobbyists, researchers, advertisers, digital directors, pollsters, and many other professionals who have provided me with the opportunity to learn from their experiences.”

Author: Amanda Charney

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