Marcus Mitchell, SMHS ’17

Marcus Mitchell, a D.C. native and fourth-year medical student, initially planned on pursuing emergency medicine, but eventually discovered his passion for anesthesiology. As he explains it, anesthesiology is a procedural and hands-on discipline, with moments of intensity. “I like that even though your interaction with your patients—their conscious awareness—is brief, it’s really powerful, especially during the pre-op encounter,” he says.

Using those interpersonal and professional skills to serve others is important to him. “I want to be involved with and serve an underserved community,” he says, highlighting recent medical mission trips to Haiti and Ecuador. “That’s really important to me—that I have diverse patients who come from all over and have various socioeconomic statuses.”

Marcus plans to continue giving back at home. When he first entered the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, he was awarded a GW Power & Promise scholarship, designed to alleviate the financial burdens for GW’s best and brightest. It has helped relieve his student debt—and inspired him. “It actually encourages me to give back as an alumnus,” he says. “I definitely want to have my own scholarship fund so I can give back and help some [unsuspecting] student who’s doing a good job.”—Caroline Trent-Gurbuz

Author: GW Impact

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