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George Washington's bobble head doll is the littlest big deal going.

George Washington’s bobble head doll is the littlest big deal going.

Last week, 476 George Washington bobble head dolls were quietly hand-delivered to GW faculty and staff as thanks for their support as part of the “We Are GW” Faculty & Staff Campaign – but that’s just the beginning. The hope is that by June 30, little Georges will spring up in every office, lab, and locker on all of GW’s campuses.

The bobble head doll was the idea of Chantele Martin, Director of Annual Giving at GW.

“As employees of GW, we all have a common bond: George Washington,” says Martin, a member of the Faculty & Staff Volunteer Committee. “So what better way to show our pride and underscore our commitment to the university than to make a gift? Now that we’re in a campaign, we wanted a strong symbol to unite those who support GW with their gifts of time (as employees) and treasure. George Washington, the bobble head doll, serves as that symbol.”

A tiny, yet powerful symbol. And pretty cute, if Martin says so herself.

"Deeds, not words" was the credo of George Washington the man. His bobble head doll takes it literally.

“Deeds, not words” was the credo of George Washington the man. His bobble head doll takes it literally.

There are two ways GW faculty and staff can get a George bobble head in their hands and on their desks:

  1. Make a gift of $50 or more this fiscal year, or
  2. Start an indefinite payroll deduction gift of any amount.

“As faculty and staff, we have the unique ability to impact professional development of the university and make a difference in students’ lives in and out of the classroom,” says Martin. “When we give back, we’re showing alumni, corporations, and foundations that we believe GW is worthy of our contribution, and theirs, too!”

So, give a little to GW and get a little GW. It’s a pretty big deal.

Small World Tour

George wraps up a four-date world tour this week. Check him out.

Tuesday, March 17
Mount Vernon Campus
11 am – 1 pm
Ames Hall

Wednesday, March 18
Foggy Bottom
10 am – 2 pm
Marvin Center

Thursday, March 19
11 am – 1 pm
Enterprise Hall


The “We Are GW” Faculty & Staff Campaign encourages all George Washington University employees to support GW’s programs and initiatives.

Author: Craig Burdick

Craig Burdick is a writer on GW's development communications team. If you have a story idea, let him know at cburdick@gwu.edu.

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